29 April, 2008

Red rose

Red Rose Collage

24 April, 2008

23 April, 2008

Little Princess

This collage is made of an old photo and some added elements.

21 April, 2008

Dad´s Old Husqvarna

It must have been around 1940 when my dad got his Husqvarna moped. He looks really proud of this precious old pearl.

20 April, 2008

Vintage Photo Collage

Old photo and some collage elements.


Geranium photo with added structure

19 April, 2008

18 April, 2008


A collage with an old photograph of my dad when he was little.

Lady Collage

Now, I will publish some of my collages that I made for cards. You will be able to order these directly from me as a front page on a square card (14,5 x 14,5 cm).

16 April, 2008

Coffe cup collage

Coffee time!

Stockholm Old Town

Collage done with a picture of the Old Town, Stockholm